Band Directory


Concert Band 2007

Band Executive - Elected:

  • President: Elaine Orgill
  • Secretary: Ingrid Boonstra
  • Director: Honda Ludwig
  • Director: Ken Seim
  • Director: Kelsey Van Blarcom
  • Director: Keith Dalton
  • Director: John Beirness
  • Director: John Barrett

Band Executive - Appointed:

  • Band Manager: Ken Abraham
  • Librarian: Medda Burnett
  • Treasurer: Angela VandenBroek


  • Music Director: Peter Sudbury

Section Leaders:

  • Flutes: Sarah Thomson
  • Clarinets/Double Reeds: Cydney Kamping
  • Saxes: Mike Gray
  • Trumpets: Kaela Beauclerc & Jon Knights
  • French Horns: Lynn Reynolds
  • Lower Brass: Don Gordon
  • Percussion: Andrew Harris

Volunteer Positions:

Our volunteers help ease the load on the Executive. Any band member interested in joining our team of volunteers should contact one of the Chairs listed below.

  • Communications: Elaine Orgill
  • Bingo Co-ordinator: Diana Abraham
  • Membership: Karen Acheson
  • Repertoire: Librarian & Music Director
  • Personnel: Elaine Orgill
  • Equipment: Ken Abraham
  • Truck: Mike Gray
  • Goodwill: Lydia Ciglan
  • Social: Jean Johnston