Our Conductor

Peter SudburyPeter Sudbury, Music Director

Clear and expressive is how both audiences and musicians describe Peter Sudbury’s conducting. Using his training as a French Horn player who has enjoyed a playing career that spans orchestra, chamber ensembles, pit bands, jazz bands and concert bands he brings this wealth of knowledge into his collaboration with the ensembles he conducts. As well, he brings to his world of music making the extensive knowledge he accumulated as the Director of the Performing Arts Office, Queen’s University and General Manager of Showplace Performance Centre.

Currently living in Peterborough with his wife Danielle, he enjoys leading the Peterborough Concert Band through a journey of musical exploration and community sharing. As well, he conducts musical theatre at Peterborough’s Showplace Performance Centre. Whether leading an ensemble, or playing in an ensemble, Peter continues to relish the many opportunities he is offered to make music. Take that Voldemort! :-)