Our Music Library



Walt Disney Band Showcase various Werle, Floyd Concert
Waltz No. 2 Shostakovich, Dmitri Curnow, Jim Concert
Waltzing Winds Osterling, Eric   Show
Wapawekka Reed, Alfred   Concert
War March and Battle Hymn of the Vikings Reed, Alfred   Folk
Warmth of Christmas   Nestico, Sammy March
Wedding of the Winds Hall, John T. Kent, H.R. Christmas
West Side Story Bernstein, Leonard Duthoit, W. J. Transc.
Western Scenario Cacavas, John   Show
Washington Greys Grafulla, Claudio S. Schissel, Loras J. Folk
We Like it Here Frankenpohl, Arthur   March
Westminster Waltz, The Farnon, Robert Osterling, Eric  
When Johnny Comes Marching Home anon. Jacob, Gordon Concert
When the Saints go Marching In anon. Iwai, Naohiro Folk
When You Wish Upon a Star Harline, Leigh Nestico, Sammy Spiritual
Whirligig Cofield, Frank D.   Show
Who's Sorry Now   Rooney, M Novelty
Wicked, Selections from Schwartz, Stephen Bocook, Jay Popular
Wild Rose Jamboree Buckley, Robert   Concert
Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, Netherlands   Kirkpatrick, Colin Concert
William Byrd Suite (see Earle of Oxford's Marche)     Popular
William Tell, Ballet Music Rossini, Gioacchino Hanson, Eric  
Winter Games (1988) Foster, David Moss, John Transc.
With One Look from "Sunset Boulevard" Webber, Andrew Lloyd Bocook, Jay Concert
With Trumpets and Drums (A Northern Salute) Reed, Alfred   Concert
World War II Songs various Graf, Eddie Popular
Worried Drummer, The Schreiner, Adolph Osterling, Eric Show
Wizard of Oz, The Arlen, Harold Barnes, James Novelty
World War II Songs various Graf, Eddie Show
Wycliffe Variations Whear, Paul W.   Show

March Card

When the Saints Trad. Walters, Harold L March
Washington Grays Chafulla, C S   March
Wellington March Zehle, W   March