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Our Music

We have a couple of new recordings to share with you!  In October 2023, the band performed a benefit concert at Market Hall in support of Peterborough Action for Tiny Home (PATH).  See our News page for more details.  Here are a couple of links to recordings made by the venue:

Portraits of the North

Dance of the Imp

Our COVID Journey

In early March 2020, COVID-19 compelled us to stop rehearsals.  We have been keeping the music alive throughout the pandemic with a combination of virtual rehearsals, recording projects, and in-person rehearsals when those were possible. Here are links to the results of our efforts, starting with the most recent.

December 2021

Even though we were able to rehearse together throughout the fall of 2021, it was still not possible to present a live Christmas concert because of COVID-19.  Instead, we recorded four of our favourite Christmas tunes and compiled them into a single mini-concert to usher in the holiday season. Enjoy!


Christmas 2020

As Christmas of 2020 approached, COVID-19 was still very much with us.  To help us all get into the spirit of the season, despite the pandemic, our Music Director (Saman Shahi) set us a challenge - to make video recordings at home of some Christmas tunes to kick-start the holiday season.  Many thanks to Sam for creating this arrangement and for compiling all of our efforts into one delightful Christmas Medley of three holiday classics. 


May 2020

With in-person rehearsals suspended until further notice, our Music Director (Saman Shahi) gave us a project - to make audio (and video!) recordings at home that he would compile so we could play together virtually!  The result of these efforts has been posted to the band's YouTube channel and to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We had a lot of fun with this project, and learned some new technologies while we were at it!

Little Romance is a short study by R. Schumann, and was arranged for concert band by Saman Shahi.

Pre-Pandemic Recordings

April 2019

We are proud to present a sample of our music for your enjoyment!  In addition to the audio recordings below, we have made video recordings of three of our favourite tunes.  These video recordings were made in April 2019 at Market Hall under the baton of Peter Sudbury:


It Had Better Be Tonight


Maynard Madness



A Selection Of Our Music